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Post by minimal » Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:27 pm

I have a fairly standard setup - DSL modem/router, that provides NAT to a network.

I have a machine ('Machine X') using IP address I use Viscosity on Machine X, to route certain outgoing traffic through a remote OpenVPN server. It is running an SSH server, which is bound to port 22.

I have a port forward on the router, directing port 22 to Machine X.

- I can connect to Machine X on port 22 from the local subnet
- I CAN connect to Machine X on port 22 from an IP address outside of a local subnet

My problem is this:
If the OpenVPN connection is active, I CAN connect from the local subnet, but NOT from an address outside of a local subnet.

Does anyone have any idea why SSH responds on 22 via the local subnet but not when I connect from afar? Everything works the moment I disconnect Viscosity.

(I am not sure what further details to provide)

I find this very strange, and would appreciate any assistance!



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Post by James » Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:40 am
Hi minimal,

It sounds like Machine X is properly receiving the initial SSH connection attempt, however is trying to communicate through the VPN (rather than back through the local network). Try adding an additional route for the remote computer you are trying to connect from that will instruct Machine X to use the local network. You can do this like so:

1. Edit your connection in Viscosity
2. Click on the Networking tab
3. Click on the small "+" button
4. Enter the appropriate IP and Mask for the remote computer. The gateway should be "net_gateway" (no quotes). Click Add.
5. Click Save and try connecting

James Bekkema
Viscosity Developer

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