Shared computers (through OpenVPN & Viscosity) not showing?

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Post by neezer » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:54 am
I admit I don't know whether or not this is a Viscosity question or an OpenVPN question...

If I were to connect two machines using Hamachi, the shared machines would show up under "Shared" on the left panel of the Finder window (as if they were on a LAN).

I've disabled Hamachi, and setup an OpenVPN server and am using Viscosity to connect to that server. I have two systems running Viscosity (trials) and they can both connect to the OpenVPN server just fine and get private VPN IP's. On either system, I can go to "Connect to Server..." and type in the private address of the other machine, and connect fine that way, but the other systems don't show up automatically on that left pane in the Finder window until AFTER I do a "Connect to Server..." request.

My end users aren't that computer savvy and are expecting to be able to click on the little icon that shows up in the Finder window to connect to a machine via OpenVPN (through Viscosity) rather than manually typing in the IP of the computer they want to connect to. Is this a problem with Viscosity? Or with my OpenVPN setup?

Thanks for wading through my question!

Btw, both machines are running 10.6.


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Post by neezer » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:48 am
Okay, so I think just changing the device from "dev tun" to "dev tap" on both the server and in Viscosity seemed to have worked, a la

And it looks like my local Bonjour services are still working alongside, too.


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Post by James » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:02 pm
Yep, that should do the trick. TAP devices are more like standard Ethernet devices and allow multicast traffic through (so bonjour and service discovery should work).

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