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DNS settings magically erased after disconnect

When Viscosity disconnects from the VPN without user intervention, it erases my DNS settings in my Mac Preferences > Network Settings. If I disconnect the VPN connection myself this does not happen.

The first time this happened I had just issued a terminal command and lost my internet connection. I thought that command had something to do with my inability to access the internet. I checked everything but the DNS settings on my Mac (didn't think of it) but I couldn't get connected to the internet. I ended up doing a complete system restore from time machine thinking I had issued a botched terminal command. 6 hours! Guess what the restore didn't fix anything. I finally stumbled on the empty DNS settings in Network Settings.


I chose Full DNS because for some reason when using automatic, Viscosity wasn't using my VPNs DNS servers.
Hi jprokos,

I recommend checking the connection log for any error messages or warnings related to DNS: ... envpn-log/

Viscosity does not change your computer's DNS configuration for your normal network connection, rather it creates an entry for its own VPN network interface. However it's possible that attempting to modify your normal network connection's DNS settings while a VPN connection is active in Full-DNS might result in strange behaviour (it's possible macOS may attempt to modify the VPN connection's DNS settings instead, which Viscosity will reset back).

If the OpenVPN server you are connecting to is pushing DNS settings they should be getting used while connected. Please see: ... the-server

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