Using Viscosity as an OpenVPN Server

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Post by James » Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:37 pm
Hi All,

A common request we get is how to setup Viscosity to act as an OpenVPN server, so I've included some basic instructions below. Viscosity has been designed to act as a client only, however it is possible to get it to act as a VPN server. Please note that we can't provide support for using Viscosity as a server.

1. Install Viscosity on the computer you want to act as the server
2. Create a OpenVPN config file for the server, as described on the OpenVPN How To page.
3. Create a new folder inside Your Home Directory->Library->Application Support->Viscosity->OpenVPN. Rename it to an unused number (e.g. "1", or "2" etc)
4. Move your OpenVPN server config file (and any associated files) into the folder you created above. Rename your config file to "config.conf".
5. Open Viscosity (or quit and reopen if it is already open)
6. From the Viscosity menu select "Connect Name". The Viscosity menu should change to a connecting animation
7. Your done, the OpenVPN server is now running

James Bekkema
Viscosity Developer

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