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Split tunneling based on Ports / Protocols

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:52 am
by TCB13

I've been using Viscosity for about a year now and I really like the way the App was built. It does everything perfectly well without any issues, however I would like to see a feature implemented.

Someone spoke about Split tunneling based on Application here and that feature has priority over this one.

However I would like to see a way to split the traffic by ports or protocols. Basically sometimes I end up using networks that are very fast and stable but block everything else than port 80 and 443. It would be great if I could tell Viscosity to allow traffic on port 80 and 443 to flow over the local network gateway but tunnel everything else over a VPN connection.

It would be also good to be able to tell the opposite: Send everything over the VPN except for traffic on ports 1020 or 1040 (for example).

Thank you.

Re: Split tunneling based on Ports / Protocols

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:44 pm
by James
Hi TCB13,

Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated. Routing based on port or protocol is very difficult as the IP specification was never designed for such a thing, but we'll keep it in mind.