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Post by Asdqwe » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:11 am

Have been using Viscosity for years on a computer that I run Emby Server on.
It has been working great but recently, since securing my server with SSL, I've noticed some errors. These errors seem to be grounded in the fact that Viscosity changes both my WAN and LAN address to the one provided from the VPN service.

What I mean is that on the Emby Server dashboard, the address for local access, is changed to the VPN address.

This does not happen with the official VPN client that the VPN service provides, but that client have other issues that makes me want to continue use Viscosity.

Is there a setting or anything that I can change?



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Post by Eric » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:47 am
Hi Asdqwe,

I'm afraid I have no experience with Emby Server so this will only be general information. When you connect a VPN server, you receive a local IP address for a new adapter which is created on your PC. You local IP address is not replaced, you simply have a second one. These are then ordered, so one interface has a higher priority for incoming and outgoing traffic than the other. Your server application should be accessible on both your local LAN IP address and VPN Local IP address.

If it is not, Emby Server must be picking the highest metric interface and locking out the other. In this case, I recommend contacting support for Emby Server and asking about it supporting multiple local IP addresses. It may also be regenerating the local SSL certificate each time it sees a new local IP address, again though, we recommend talking to Emby Server support about this.

In the mean time, changing the interface ordering on your PC may help. To do this, go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections, right click your main adapter and select properties, double click Internet Protocol Version 4, click Advanced, untick Automatic metric then enter a low number like 1. Repeat this for your VPN interface, using a higher number next time like 10.

Again, I must reiterate this is more a work around and there should be no reason why your server software can't support multiple local IP addresses.

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