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Post by MorpheusX » Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:12 am
I've just recently started using Viscosity (have been using the "plain" OpenVPN client for Windows for a long time before) and considered buying it once my trial version runs out, however there is one thing bugging me a bit:

Whilst I see the point in a connectivity check before even launching the openvpn-client, I kinda miss an optional "retry after X seconds" feature here. Since I've set up my computer to auto-launch Viscosity and enabled a VPN to be auto-connected at Viscosity-launch, I'd like to have the VPN connection being established once I log in to my computer. However, the connection fails sometimes (my internet is not always very stable) or the wifi-connection has not fully been established yet, leaving me with the "cannot reach" message. IIRC, Viscosity showed a message about not being able to connect, which allowed activating some "auto-reconnect once connectivity established" feature, however I haven't seen that do anything, even after sitting idle for a few minutes with a working internet-connection.

Is there any way of having Viscosity retry connecting (either immediatelly or after X seconds)? Or am I out of luck and have to click "Connect" manually every time (which is quite annoying).



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Post by Eric » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:53 pm
Hi MorpheusX,

Thank you for getting in contact with us. We are looking at improving connection checking for the next version of Viscosity so that it works much more effectively. We are also looking at adding some functionality to allow a timer to be set before Viscosity attempts an automatic connection after a computer boot up or wake up for example.

A beta should be out soon with all this if you wish to test it ahead of release, we post betas to the Goodies forum and appreciate feedback like this.


Eric Thorpe
Viscosity Developer



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Post by MorpheusX » Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:49 pm
Hi Eric,

thanks for your response! Looking forward to this improvement and the beta-version! Will definitely try it out!
Keep up the great work!
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