Preference/Connections window on Mac should be sizable

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Post by mothridden » Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:37 am
Viscosity is excellent. Now that I have discovered the routing options however I have a UI quibble.

The Preferences window is sizable vertically, but not horizontally. The window for editing a Connection which opens as a 'sheet' attached to this window is limited by its width, and is itself not sizable vertically (and doesn't even adop the vertical size of the Preferences window.

This makes any entries in the Routing area of the Networking tab very hard to deal with. It shows just two lines - it can be scrolled vertically but only shows two lines at a time. Horizontally, it cannot be scrolled. It shows the Mask/Bits column cropped to show "" - missing off the most interesting part; and a column labelled "Me..." with values such as "Def...". If there are other columns are I can't see them.

What makes this worse is that although adding a new entry opens a separate window, existing entries can only be edited in place in the table.

Mininum fix: give this table a horizontal scrollbar.

Better fix: also allow the Preferences window to be sized horizontally as well as vertically; make the 'Connection' window follow both these dimensions; and allow the Routing table on the Network tab of the Connection window to expand to use this space.

Thanks for your time (and this excellent app).
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