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Post by nrsteven » Tue May 24, 2022 8:40 am

Trying to deploy Viscosity via Intune but running into issues. Created an MSI based off of the instructions below. Intune shows the app as "installed" but the app doesn't get deployed (check programs, local folders/files, etc). ... -installer


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Post by James » Tue May 24, 2022 11:42 am
Hi nrsteven,

I'm afraid we don't have direct experience with Microsoft Intune, however we've had reports of it working from end users.

The general process is to create your bundled installer, turn it into the MSI using the instructions you have already linked, and then use Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool (previously the Win32 App Packaging Tool) to package it into a .intunewin package ready for deployment. Based on user reports attempting to deploy the MSI directly without the last step may not always work.

James Bekkema
Viscosity Developer

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