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Post by lumix1991 » Sat Feb 25, 2023 1:50 am

We're a big fan of Viscosity and using it for all of our customers (over 100 users right now). It's just a perfect working client!

The only downside is that there is no Linux client.

Is the development of a Linux version already on your roadmap? If not, why not? :-)

It would be a great addition to the existing Viscosity product.



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Post by James » Tue Feb 28, 2023 12:30 pm
Hi lumix1991,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! A Linux version of Viscosity is certainly something we'd like to release, however as far as new-platform support goes I'm afraid mobile versions currently have priority. So while it's something that's already on our radar, sadly a Linux version is unlikely to be something that we’ll be able tackle all that soon.

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