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How to use custom routes for connection

Hi there!

I'm a happy user of Viscosity (v1.6.6) and am trying to use a 'stepping stone' configuration for forwarding traffic towards one particular destination. For example, to send all traffic towards over connection X.

Some details:
  • Connection setup works.
  • If I enable Send all traffic over VPN connection, my default gateway is changed to the VPN gateway and indeed, all traffic is being sent over the VPN connection. This is however not what I want (remember, I'd like to send only traffic towards specific hosts over the connection, not all traffic.
  • When I disable Send all traffic over VPN connection, and add a route ( with gateway vpn_gateway), all my traffic is still being sent over the VPN connection. Indeed, my default gateway is set to the VPN gateway again.

So what am I doing wrong here? Am I misinterpreting the custom route configuration dialog?
Hi rjh2805,

The OpenVPN server you are connecting to can override the setting by pushing out the "redirect-gateway" command, which is likely what is happening in this instance. If you're in control of the VPN server you are connecting to you can remove the command from the server's configuration to stop this behaviour.

If you're not in control of the OpenVPN server things are a little trickier. Generally you'll want to use the "route-nopull" command to ignore the "redirect-gateway" command, however this will also ignore any other routes the VPN server may be sending. You can find more information about using the "route-nopull" on this forum, as well as information on using advanced commands below. ... n-commands ... ute-nopull

Thanks. Got it working now.
Did my modification on the server side since I have control over it.
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