Viscosity with 64 bit kernel

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Post by elijahg » Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:17 am
Viscosity fails to make any connections if you're running with a 64-bit kernel. The tun/tap drivers that it comes with are only 32-bit.

If you want to use Viscosity with a 64-bit kernel, you can download and compile the tun/tap kernel extensions from the Tunnelblick project. To do this, type this into the Terminal:
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svn checkout tuntap-64
Wait a while while the source is downloaded. Then compile:
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cd ~/tuntap-64
sudo make install
The "make install" command should ensure the old kexts in /Library/Extensions are updated. But to make sure the new kexts aren't overwritten by Viscosity, firstly ensure Viscosity isn't running. Right-click and Show Package Contents on the Viscosity app, and navigate to Contents/Resources/tuntap. Remove the old tun/tap kexts from the folder, and drag the new ones from the tuntap-64 folder inside your home folder to the Viscosity tuntap folder.

Next time you start Viscosity, it will want your password again, and it will ask to update the tun/tap drivers. Press yes, and you should be sorted :D
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