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Viscosity 1.7.13 can not connect: --tls-crypt error

Several users at our company just upgraded Viscosity to 1.7.13, and when now trying to connect to our VPN-server the clients immediately just say "Disconnected".
I have sniffed traffic in the network and can see that no traffic goes from their computers to our VPN-server at all.

This occurres in both win7 and win10 workstations.

Connection log shows this:
Jan 15 10:59:52: State changed to Connecting
Jan 15 10:59:52: Viscosity Windows 1.7.13 (1587)
Jan 15 10:59:52: Running on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Jan 15 10:59:52: Running on .NET Framework Version 4.7.03056.461808
Jan 15 10:59:52: Bringing up interface...
Jan 15 10:59:53: WARNING: cannot stat file 'C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Viscosity\OpenVPN\5\tlscrypt.key': Input/output error (errno=5)
Jan 15 10:59:53: Options error: --tls-crypt fails with 'C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Viscosity\OpenVPN\5\tlscrypt.key': Input/output error (errno=5)
Jan 15 10:59:53: Options error: Please correct these errors.

The OpenVPN subsystem could not be started. Please check the following:
- Check for any error messages above this notification.
- Ensure ViscosityService is running.
- Make sure the configuration is valid

Jan 15 10:59:54: State changed to Disconnecting
Jan 15 10:59:54: State changed to Disconnected

Solutions? Troubleshooting?

wbr / Alex
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the report, we're looking into it right now.

Hi Alex,

Thanks again for the bug report. Viscosity 1.7.13 (1588) is now available via automatic updates and will resolve this issue. If you do not see the update after clicking Check for Updates in Preferences -> General, you may need to exit and then restart Viscosity and try Check for Updates again.

Hello Eric!

I have to say, this speed in resolving the problem is unparalleled!

And this is actually not the first, but the second, time that we get a bug fixed this fast!

Let your team know that this is highly appreciated!

wbr / Alex
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