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Post by Axe_L_Thief » Thu Oct 14, 2021 11:43 pm
Are you able to indicate if and when Viscosity will move to OpenVPN version 2.5 to take advantage of its new features? These most notably include the ChaCha20-Poly1305 stream cipher for the data channel, client specific TLS crypt keys for the control channel, and better TLS1.3 support.

While I know Viscosity uses it's own adapter, as well as WinTap, is there a plan to also include Wireguard's Wintun adapter on Windows? I note that OpenVPN now use it on Windows (except on ARM64) and it is significantly better than WinTap (I have no idea how it compares with whatever Viscosity use)

Finally, can I just say thank you for developing this fantastic bit of Aussie software.


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Post by Eric » Fri Oct 15, 2021 9:49 am
Hi Axe_L_Thief,

Viscosity 1.10 is currently in beta and uses OpenVPN 2.5 by default, we encourage you to give it a try - ... -versions/

In regards to WinTun, we have decided not to support it for now, partially because it is in very active development, but mainly because it hasn't been requested. Viscosity's own adapter does offer similar performance to WinTun from a client/roadwarrior perspective, however it is something we're keeping an eye on.

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Eric Thorpe
Viscosity Developer

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