ISP blocking in Turkey

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Post by freefly » Sat Apr 20, 2024 5:30 am

I just arrived in Turkey for what was supposed to be a long trip but the VPN connection I need to work seems to be suppressed by the ISP's here.

I have tried a few of things recommended from other post here. I have tried using using TCP and setting the port to either 443 or 80.

Is something like this the answer? ... %20methods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by James » Mon Apr 22, 2024 3:46 pm
Hi freefly,

A few suggestions if your VPN connection/s are being blocked:

1. If you're using a commercial VPN Service Provider, make sure their IP range/s aren't being blocked. In many someone attempting to block VPN connections to popular VPN Service Providers may simply be blocking a list of known IP addresses associated with the VPN Service Provider, and isn't necessarily blocking all VPN connections. You can try using different servers, or see if they can offer you any alternative servers to connect to.

2. When attempting to use TCP over port 80 or 443, make sure that the OpenVPN server you are connecting to supports this. For example, simply changing the protocol and port on Viscosity's end without the OpenVPN server configured to also use the same protocol and port number will cause the connection to fail. If you're connecting to a commercial VPN Service Provider, check whether they provide OpenVPN configuration files for TCP port 80/443 setups you can import into Viscosity.

3. If the place you're connecting from is blocking all VPN connections using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), then yes, obfuscation is likely your only option. You can either set up your own obfsproxy server to relay traffic to your OpenVPN server (they can be on the same machine if this is your own OpenVPN server). Some commercial VPN Service Providers may also provide obfsproxy servers you can use.

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