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Registering Viscosity

To register your copy of Viscosity, you must first purchase a license. For more information, please see the Purchasing Viscosity article. If you have already purchased Viscosity, thank you for your support! You should have received your license details in an email shortly after purchase. If you have not received your license details yet, please see the License Email Has Not Arrived article.

Please also note Viscosity is free to use, restriction free, for 30 days!

To register Viscosity, you will need to start Viscosity and go to the About tab. Here you will see the Register button.


If you don't see the Register button here, Viscosity is already registered, a line "Registered To: " will appear. You don't need to go any further.

Click the Register button, the Register window will appear.


Enter the details you received in your license email here. Make sure you enter them exactly how they were received in your email. The Name and Serial Key fields (and email if you're on a Mac) are case sensitive and any extra spaces before, after, or in between characters will cause the license details not to be accepted.

Once you have entered your details, click the Register button.

If you received a message that your license is invalid, please double check the details you entered, especially making sure there are no extra spaces at the end of each field. For more information please see License Details Are Not Accepted.

If you receive a message saying registration was successful, that's it, you're done! The Register button in the about tab will be replaced with a message saying who your copy of Viscosity is registered to.


We highly recommend you keep your license email in a safe place in case you ever need it again. If you have lost your license details though, please have a look at the Resending License Details article.

Once again, thank you for your support purchasing Viscosity!