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Why Are My Personal Details Required When Purchasing?

We ask for billing details (address, phone, etc) for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure compliance with export regulations (a legal requirement)
  • For invoice/receipt generation for companies and some individuals (a legal requirement)
  • For chargeback disputes
  • For fraud detection
  • To be up front that this information is needed

In the first version of our online store we only asked for a name and email address, and used the address details provided to us by PayPal to comply with the above. However we wanted to make it clear that this information was used, while also reducing problems where a company address differs from that given to PayPal.

Asking for a billing address is standard practice when buying a software product online. While we understand that some VPN Service Providers and other online software stores may operate from other countries where there aren't such legal requirements in place and don’t ask for billing details (or they’re operating quasi-legally), please be aware that this is not normal practice.