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Updating License Contact Details

If you have an existing license for Viscosity and you would like to change the contact email address associated with your license, you can do so by sending an email to our support staff. The contact email address is used when using any of our online tools, such as the Lost License form or Upgrade section of our online store.

To update your contact email address, you will need to provide the transaction or receipt number for your purchase. Instructions on how to recover the transaction/receipt number can be found at Retrieving Your Receipt Or Transaction Number.

When getting in touch with us, please be sure you include the following details:

  • Your license serial number
  • Your current license contact email address
  • The new contact email address you would like to use
  • The transaction/receipt number for your purchase

Please note that the name associated with your license cannot be changed as it forms part of the serial number. If you need to change the name on your license, you will need to purchase a new license with the correct name.

If you have any other questions about updating your contact information for your Viscosity license, please don't hesitate to contact us.