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Using Your License On Multiple Computers

Viscosity's licensing is designed to be flexible by taking into account a number of home user and enterprise scenarios where multiple computers may be in use. Please see the following sections for more information.

Using a Standard License on Multiple Machines

Standard individual Viscosity serial numbers are licensed on a per-user basis. This allows you to install Viscosity on up to three computers using the same license as long as you are the primary user of Viscosity on these computers.

For full details please refer to the Viscosity End User License Agreement.

Using a Volume License for Multiple Users or Machines

Site/Volume serial numbers are licensed on either a per-user or a per-machine basis. You may choose whichever option suits you or your organisation best, however you cannot have a combination of both. All seats must be used on either a per-user or per-machine basis, they cannot be mixed. When licensed on a per-machine basis each installation counts as a allocated seat, which allows Viscosity to be installed on machines that are shared among users without the need to purchase a license for each user.

For more information about Volume serial numbers, and how to choose the serial type when placing an order, please see the License Types article.

For full details please refer to the Viscosity End User License Agreement.

Using a License on Both Mac and Windows Machines

A cross-platform license can be used to register Viscosity on both Mac and Windows machines. This is the type of license currently available for purchase. It's recommended for users who have both Mac and Windows machines, or for users who may change their OS in the future. We also recommend cross-platform licenses for enterprise and organisational deployments where there may be a mix of Mac and Windows users and where this mix can vary over time.

Legacy single-platform licenses were available in the past. These only work on either macOS or Windows, and cannot be used on both platforms. However they can be upgraded to cross-platform licenses. Please see License Upgrades and Volume Extensions for more information.

Moving a License to a Different User or Machine

To free up a seat Viscosity can be completely uninstalled, or otherwise deleted, from a machine. This includes situations where the computer's drive has been erased or destroyed, or where Viscosity's license data has been manually removed. That seat can then be assigned to another user/machine.

For instructions on how to completely uninstall Viscosity please see the Uninstalling Viscosity (Mac) and Uninstalling Viscosity (Windows) articles.

For most managed enterprise environments tools such as SCCM, Jamf, and Munki will be able to handle license management, including reassigning licenses, usage tracking, and remote deactivation. Deployment guides for these tools can be found in the Enterprise category.