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Viewing the Event Viewer

The Event Viewer often contains error messages or warnings from Viscosity or OpenVPN when a problem occurs. If you are experiencing trouble using Viscosity or connecting, and no helpful information can be found in the OpenVPN log, then you should check the Event Viewer.

You can access the Event Viewer like so:

  1. Open the Event Viewer. This can be found on all Windows versions by going to the Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Event Viewer (or typing Event Viewer at the start Menu in Vista or higher)

  2. Expand Windows logs on the left
  3. Viscosity errors are generally found under Application. OpenVPN faults can be found under System or Application.
  4. The Event Viewer is not refreshed automatically. If a Viscosity or OpenVPN fault occurs while the Event Viewer is open, press F5, or go to Action->Refresh from the menu bar.
  5. Exit the Event Viewer when finished.

It is important to note that the Event Viewer displays messages from all Applications and Services, not just Viscosity. You can use the Filter field to the right of the windows to just display results related to Viscosity. Simply drop down the Event sources list, and tick Viscosity, ViscosityService and/or OpenVPN.

You may be asked to provide messages from your Event Viewer to support staff. To copy a message, simply double click it and click the Copy button down the bottom left, or select the message, then on the right under Actions, select Copy then Copy Details as Text.